Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attention to Legislation

KAEA is not a political group by nature, but we want to make sure you area aware of something that could affect a large number of our members. Legislation including Kansas HB2023 could cause severe problems for public sector unions and teachers organizations. You can read a summary here:

If you wish to take action...

You can sign the petition here:
You can find your legislator here to call or email:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

YAM Displays

Bulletin board by Katie Morris, Pauline South Intermediate School
As you plan and work on wonderful Youth Art Month displays, bulletin boards, and events, remember your camera! You can submit photos to share with other KAEA members. Your photo could be featured on the KAEA blog and on our Facebook page, maybe even as our new cover photo! Photos can be submitted at or by email to You can also email your photos to with your YAM Documentation Report Form to be part of the KAEA Youth Art Month scrapbook. (Access the form at
Bulletin board by Katie Morris, Pauline Central Primary School

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Youth Art Month Celebration

It's that time of the year again---time to be thinking about participating in the
  2013 Youth Art Month Celebration 
to be held
in Topeka 
Saturday, March 2nd.
  The YAM booklet and forms have been updated and are ready for you online at
I have tweaked the entry form we need for display so that we can utilize our display space better.  You will need to fill out pages 14 through 16 in the YAM booklet.  The rest is just general information and things you can use for YAM.  
It might take a little while to load on to your computer as it is a large, but helpful document.  
We are again sponsored by "Sargent Art" and they are generously offering a grand prize trip to New York City as well as art supplies to the other place winners.  Remember that you do have to be an active member of KAEA in order participate in the YAM Art Competition.  However, every single art teacher in the state is invited and encouraged to submit ONE piece of student art to represent your school during the YAM celebration.


Shawny Montgomery
Vincent YAM-Gogh
Vincent YAM-Gogh will once again be attendance assisting in handing out the awards and will be available for photo opportunities.
Other Recognitions

The YAM flag awards donated by Molly Hawkins Wholesale will be awarded during the celebration.

The Harry Hart Memorial Senior Scholarships will also be awarded during the celebration.
National Education Association Convention YAM Participation

We are planning on having a virtual gallery and a display representing KANSAS at the National convention in Fort Worth in March.

If you would like to participate, you can send ONE digital photograph of a student's art (include your name, school name, and the student's name and grade) to 
Shawny Montgomery at 
by January 30th.
opportunity through the Council for Art Education
This year the Council for Art Education is encouraging art teachers all across the country to participate in a  national campaign for the first time ever.  With ties to Teas and the NAEA Convention being held in Ft. Worth, we are pursuing country music superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.  We are in hopes that they will agree to be our Honorary National Chairpersons and at the very least they will endorse Youth Art Month.
If you are interested in participating in this event or would just like to find out more information, go to the YAM page on the KAEA website at

Monday, January 21, 2013

Common Core and the Visual Arts- South Central Region Seminar

Join us to learn more about Common Core and the new State Standards as well as fellowship with other Art teachers!

Guest Speaker:  Joyce Huser – Fine Arts Education Consultant from Kansas State Department of Education
Common Core and the Arts:   Common Core Strategies we are using today and new approaches being developed.
The New National Visual Arts Standards:  What will they look like and the new directions they will take.

Date: February 15, 2013, Join us for the Morning, Afternoon or All Day
Time:  9:00am to 3:30 pm.  Lunch from 11:00am to Noon
Location:  Andover Central Middle School 903 East Central, Andover
 Kansas.  Questions?  Contact Ginger Steck 218-4710 (s) or 209-1045 (c)
Cost:  Free!  Bring a Snack to Share if You Would Like.
What to Bring:  Favorite Lesson Examples and Student Handouts if you Have Them.  Common Core Classroom Lesson Examples. Your Camera!

Schedule for the Day:
8:30 am Gather and have a Continental Breakfast While Having a Chance to Get Acquainted or Catch Up.

9:00 am Southwest Native American Pueblo Pottery – Hands On and Informational. 
10:00 am – 11:00 am Painting Techniques – New Ideas. Lesson Swap. 3-D Projects in the K-12 Art Classroom. New Evaluation Tools and Requirements from the State.
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Lunch – Lots of Great Restaurants in the Andover Area.
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Gather and Share Recent Projects and Examples. 
12:30 pm– 2:00 pm Guest Speaker: Joyce Huser Fine Arts Education Consultant KSDE, Speaks About Common Core Approaches and the New National Visual Arts Standards to be Released Very Soon. Question and Answer Time.
2:00 pm– 3:30 pm Share and Create Common Core Lessons that have been Successful and Additional Strategies that can be Added or  Expanded. Hands on Classroom Examples.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drawing from Observation Using Dots

The following article was written by Michaeline Kohler, a KAEA Professional Development Grant Recipient. KAEA offers up to 5 Professional Development Grants to members each year, due on November 20th. Read more at, you could be our next recipient!

Drawing from Observation Using Dots
Michaeline Kohler
Cheney Middle School
Cheney, Kansas

This past summer I had the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop in Sisters, Oregon with Annie Painter.  Annie’s web site,, had been a source of inspiration for me. Her strong work in color and design was just what I needed to give my students an extra boost.  I learned and have tried a lot of her techniques in my classroom, but for this article I am going to focus on using dots to draw and using paint chips for color.
 My 6th graders were intrigued when I told them their next art day would be making a dot to dot picture.  Several of them said they loved dot to dot.  For fun, I searched the internet and found a shell dot to dot that I handed them as they walked in the door.  When completed, I told them that was their clue for their assignment.  On the tables, I also had displays of beautiful shells that I borrowed from the science department. 
I demonstrated the observational drawing of looking at the object and placing a dot where a distinctive part of the shell was.  This encourages the students to look closely and to draw what is really there, not just what they think a shell looks like. They connected their dots and then drew lines for the inside shapes and textures. Most agreed the drawing was easier than they thought and the drawing more realistic.
"Paint Chip" Palette
One of Ms. Painter’s techniques for painting is to make “paint chips” using tempera paint.  I had students who finished an assignment early paint 12X18 sheets of drawing paper with tempera paint.  The paint is layered on thickly and one color per sheet.  We laid them aside to dry overnight.  After cutting the sheets into 3X4” rectangles, the colors were separated into warm and cool piles. Students were allowed to choose 3 cool and 1 warm color for an accent or vice versa. Students stapled their color choices on an inexpensive paper plate.
Now the fun begins! The students had a good drawing and paint chips.  Using just clear water and brushes, they rubbed the color off the paint chips and painted their shells.  The results were very transparent and resembled watercolor.  If a student was not finished at the end of the class period, they wrote their name on the paper plate palette and the paint was rewetted the next day. The cleanup was so easy; I know this technique would be great for my Kindergarten classes also.

We had a lesson in drawing from observation, warm and cool colors and techniques of painting in a short time with great results. I did have my students cut out their shells and matt or mount them on colored construction paper.  The display was bright and cheerful in the hall. Sometimes just seeing or hearing about a different idea can be refreshing for us and for our students.