Saturday, November 2, 2013

8 Simple Tips for Your Own Studio Practice

As art teachers, working on our own art work improves our teaching abilities. However, many art teachers report that they can not find the time for their own work. It is possible to work full time and have a thriving studio practice. 

Here are eight simple tips for your own art making. 

1. Create a work schedule and stick to it. Schedule a time of the day to work that is your peak energy time. It is a myth that artists create art only when inspired. 
2. Create long term and short term goals for yourself. Keep a log of your activity to monitor progress. 
3. Keep a sketchbook for ideas so that you will be ready when you enter the studio. 
4. Keep the chatter out of the studio by turning off cell phones, e-mails, and social media. 
5. Move on if you feel stuck, especially if you are a perfectionist. 
6. Working frequently with short work times helps you keep in touch with your project ( and the hours add up!). 
7. Find a trigger to start your work time such as making coffee or playing music. 
8. Think of this time as a play time. It won't seem like work and may give you insight for ideas for your long projects. 
Painting by Karen Matheis

Karen is a working artists who teaches in Shawnee Mission and who lives in Lawrence Kansas.  She presented this topic in a workshop at the 2013 KAEA Fall Conference.  Her blog is